Web-Sites Unlimited (Contract)
Web Sites Unlimited
35 Summit Street
Hicksville, New York 11801
(516) 660-1068~~~(516) 933-8821
Order # 00928-3-07
Date: 3/___/07
Diamond Package~~~$1,500.00 (3 Year Package)
  • Name: Adam Vetenati
  • Business: A & E Sportsman 27 Stringham Ave. Valley Stream, NY 11581
  • Phone #: 516-284-6161 Cell #: 516-924-6087
  • E-Mail Addresses: Vetenati@aol.com Adam@AESportsman.com
  • Background Color: White Text Color(s): Black (Green Trim)
  • www.AESportsman.com
  • Allow 24-72 hours for the hosting company (Tripod) to get your web-site up & running.
  • Please allow 12-24 hours for any changes to be made by Web-Sites Unlimited
  • Web-Sites Unlimited has exclusive rights to this companys web site.
  • No other web-site company can host, build or control this web-site
  • No other web-site company can build any additional web-sites for the company listed above while contracted to Web-Sites Unlimited.
  • ALL payments are due when work is completed.
  • Checks Are To Be Made Payable To Dominick Lauriano.
  • Bandwidth Upgrades are NOT included (mb space, photo space, etc.) & will be billed separately if & when upgrade is needed or requested.
  • The additional cost will be increased to your already billed monthly credit card payment.
  • Photos going into the merchandise catalog for A & E will be $5.00 for each photo. That will include downloading, uploading & installing each photo.
  • After photos are processed they will be placed into selected catagory on catagorized page links onto this web-site. (also included if done at on-set)
  • All links added to the site while the site is being built are included.

    Credit Card: ___Visa ___M/C ___AMEX ___Discover
    Credit Card #_______-_______-_______-_______
    3 Digit Code_____
    Exp. Date____/____/____

    WSU Signature:______________________________Date: 3/____/07
    Customer Signature:___________________________Date: 3/____/07
    Approval Signature:___________________________Date: 3/____/07
    WSU Signature:______________________________Date: 3/____/07

    Sub-Total $ 1,500.00
    8.75% Tax $ 131.25
    Total $ 1,631.25
    Deposit $ 831.25
    (Due On Completition)
    $ 800.00