Meringue Release

This is a Release Form for the contract involving Web-Sites Unlimited & Meringue Boutiques. Web-Sites Unlimited will no longer have control of the Meringue Boutiques web site which is being turned over to Joseph Amarante, co-owner Grace Amarante' husband.

From this point forward, Meringue Boutiques owes no money to Web-Sites Unlimited for any additional work performed on the web site. In addition, Web-Sites Unlimited owns no money to Meringue Boutiques.

When Web-Sites Unlimited receives a signed copy of this release, the Tripod password will be sent to Meringue Boutiques via e-mail for their personal use of the web-site files & codes.

Web-Sites Unlimited

Meringue Boutiques

tp/dl 4/3/08
RE: 031-08