(Contract Renewal)
Web Sites Unlimited
35 Summit Street
Hicksville, New York 11801
(516) 660-1068

Pearl-Renewal Package (1 Year)~~~$500.00
Renewal Date: 6/2/08
Expires: 6/2/09

  • Name: Lee, Gus, Jimmy, John & Barbara (SideWinder Band)
  • URL: www.SideWinderBandNY.com
  • Phone #: (631) 757-2203---(646) 773-4060
  • E-Mail: SideWinderBand@earthlink.net, percussionking34@aol.com, werock1126@hotmail.com, bassbuzz@optonline.net

    8.75% Tax--------------------$43.75
    Balance Due-------------------$543.75

  • Web-Sites Unlimited will no longer be responsible for hosting & domain name costs & fees.
  • Hosting costs of a monthly fee of $8.95 will be charged directly to the SideWinder Band credit card from the hosting/domain name company, Tripod.
  • The SideWinder contract includes all schedule updates, playlist additions &/or removals & photo/slideshow additions.
    Please note that a single photo cannot be removed from a slideshow. If there is a photo that you want removed, the entire slideshow would have to be removed & then rebuilt at no additional charge.
    There is no charge(s) for updating an existing page/link, however, there will be additional charges (see price list) for link additions &/or removals, logo changes &/or re-designs, audio &/or video additions &/or removals.

    WSU Signature:____________________________________________Date: 5/30/08

    Sidewinder Signature:________________________________________Date: 5/30/08