Web-Sites Unlimited (Contract)

_____ Year Web-Page
$ ______.00

  • K & K Marble & Granite
  • 17 Seaman Avenue
  • Bethpage, N.Y. 11714
  • Phone #: (516) 932-5630
  • Personal & Business E-Mail:
  • www.KKMarbleImporters.com
  • Tripod Log-In: KKMarble
  • Visa...M/C...AMEX...Discover (Circle One) Exp. Date____/____ (MM / YY)
  • Card #____________________________________3 or 4 Digit Code________

    Sales Tax
    Balance Due (At Signing)

    WSU Signature:_____________________________________Date: 10/____/09

    Customer Signature:__________________________________Date: 10/____/09

  • Web-Sites Unlimited has exclusive rights to the K & K Marble web site.
  • No other web-site company can host, build or control additional web sites for K & K Marble while contracted to Web-Sites Unlimited.
  • ALL final payments are due when work is completed.
  • Work payments will automatically be charged to your credit card on file on Web Sites Unlimited PayPal Account.
  • Checks Are To Be Made Payable To Dominick Lauriano.
  • There is a $ 35.00 fee for all returned checks.
  • All photos will be sent to Web-Sites Unlimited via e-mail in jpg, jpeg or gif format.
  • Anything that cannot be sent via e-mail will be brought to or sent to Web Sites Unlimited.
  • There is a $ 15.00 charge for each hardcopy photo to be scanned ($ 5.00) & uploaded ($ 10.00).
  • There is a $ 25.00 charge for background music/song changes each time there is a change.
  • Tripod.com has a 1 time set-up fee of $ 15.00 & charges $ 8.95 per month for Hosting & Damain Name charges.
  • Hosting & Domain Name charges will be billed directly to your credit card by Tripod.com or Lycos.com
  • The codes for the K & K Marble web site will be stored with Tripod.com.
  • K & K Marble will NOT have access to the Tripod files.
  • If K & K Marble already has a Domain name, there is a $ 25.00 charge for Domain Name Forwarding Set-Up, also paid at contract signing.
  • Web-Sites Unlimited has your permission to charge your credit card on file for payment for any future work needed done on your web site.
  • This contract expires on ____/____/____ at midnight.