Claim # - 357658384
Ref # - A09VHN

Dear R*M*S,

I recently spoke to a gentleman at RMS regarding my debt with YellowBook.com & I told him that I spoke with YellowBook.com many times over the past year regarding this matter.

The ad that I had placed with YellowBook.com was never the way I wanted it. My Web-Sites Unlimited logo was never put onto my ad and my logo font lettering wasn't added until 5 months later. I had spoke to Mr. Garofalo, my salesman, who is no longer with YellowBook.com as well as several supervisors & Design Department reps, all stating that my ad would be fixed to the way I want it. They gave me a 3 month credit & still, my ad was never done the way it was supposed to be. (see logo & font style above)

I was told by the RMS to send you this letter informing you that I have no intentions of paying the $ 141.00 ad fee nor the $ 35.25 collection fee ($ 176.25) for something that was not to my satisfaction, which I also told to YellowBook.com.