Dear Patricia,

You seem like you don't know what's going on with your web site, www.CPAppraisalsNY.com, and you obviously weren't in the mood to discuss this matter on the phone. So just to bring you up to speed, my name is Dominick Lauriano & I am the owner of Web-Sites Unlimited.

The contract that I have with CP Appraisals was signed by Joseph Badolato on 11/15/06 & is valid through 11/15/08. After that date, the CP Appraisals web site will be removed from the internet unless you decide to renew the contract for an additional 1, 2, 3 or 5 years.

I will be sending you a price list regarding the renewal prices as well as a price list for any other updates &/or upgrades you might be interested in.

Also, the On-Line Appraisal Order Form on your web site is, I believe, forwarded to Mr. Badolato's E-Mail address which I'm sure you would want changed to your E-Mail address.

And finally, the active Paypal account for payment to Tripod.com, (the hosting & domain name company) is directly paid through the CP Appraisals checking account via Commerce bank. My concern is that Joseph Badolato's name is on that account & I don't know if it needs to be changed to your name.

If & when you ARE in the mood to discuss this matter, I can be reached anytime at 516-660-1068 or you can e-mail me at wsuny@aol.com or Dominick@Web-SitesUnlimited.com.


Dominick Lauriano
Web-Sites Unlimited