WSU CP Apps Renewal Letter .


Dear Patricia (CP Appraisals),
Approximately 3 months ago your web site contract expired. Here at Web-Sites Unlimited, we miss you as a customer & are prepared to give you this fantastic offer.

For our "End Of Winter Special" prepared just for you, the packages below is what I can offer you to get your web site advertising on the internet again during this "1 Time Only Offer".

  • Onyx Package - 1 Year - $ 200.00
  • Silver Package - 2 Years - $ 350.00
  • Jade Package - 3 Years - $ 500.00
  • Platinum Package - 5 Years - $ 750.00

    Fill out the sheet below, sign & date the bottom and send it back with a check payable to Dominick Lauriano in the amount of your package chosen. Check is to be received before expiration date. When payment is received a renewal contract will be sent to you for signing.

    Dominick Lauriano
    Web-Sites Unlimited


    Cut along dotted line & return with check enclosed made out to Dominick Lauriano
    Check 1

    ___CP Appraisals is signing for a contract for ___Year(s) by purchasing the ______________________ package.

    Enclosed is a check for $_____.____ (renewal price + tax) made out to Dominick Lauriano.

    ___CP Appraisals is not going to advertise with Web-Sites Unlimited at this time.

    Patricia O'Keefe