WSU CPS Letter 2 .





Dear CPS Construction,
In approximately 2 weeks, midnight on 9/11/08, your contract with Web-Sites Unlimited will expire. In order to avoid inturupting advertising services on the internet, automatic termination of your account & all CPS site files being deleted, go to & choose your contract renewal package.
Fill out the sheet below, sign & date the bottom and send it back with a check payable to Dominick Lauriano in the amount of your package chosen. Check is to be received before expiration date. When payment is received a contract will be sent to you for signing.

Best Regards,

Dominick Lauriano
Web-Sites Unlimited


Cut along dotted line & return with check enclosed
Check 1

_____CPS Construction is renewing it's contract for ____ Year(s) purchasing the _________________________ package.

Enclosed is a check for $_______.____ (renewal price + tax) made out to Dominick Lauriano, Owner of Web-Sites Unlimited.

_____CPS Construction is not going to renew it's contract with Web-Sites Unlimited.

Charlie Paci
CPS Construction