WSU GC Letter 2

Dear Giuseppe Cabinets,
After our phone conversation on Saturday, 1/12/08, it seems to me that you will be looking for someone new to build & run a new web site for you. On 3/1/08 your contract with Web-Sites Unlimited will expire. At midnight on 3/2/08, will be removed from the internet.

When this cancellation occurs, the codes for the existing web site & the domain name (owned by Web-Sites Unlimited) can be purchased from Web-Sites Unlimited. By purchasing this web site, you can make any & all changes, updates & photo addition anytime you'd like.

If you purchase the rights to the Giuseppe Cabinets web site, you will receive a disc & printout of all the codes, Tripod user name, Tripod password & a Web-Sites Unlimited release form stating that Web-Sites Unlimited no longer controls & that the owner of Giuseppe Cabinets is now the owner of the Giuseppe Cabinets web site & the domain name

From that point on, Web-Sites Unlimited will no longer assume any claims or responsibility for

To purchase the web site design codes for, the domain name & the rights to the web site, send a check payable to Dominick Lauriano in the amount of $ 1,087.50 ($ 1,000.00 + $ 87.50 Sales Tax). If you would like to make this transaction I will convert all your existing photos from a slideshow format into a thumbnail format & add any additional photos you may want added so that when you take over this web site, nothing has to be done.

Hopefully this offer will interest you, however, should you decline & seek other services, it was a pleasure webmastering

Best Regards,

Dominick Lauriano.....................1/15/08
Web-Sites Unlimited