WSU TS Letter

Tony & Angelo, (Tre Scalini Restaurant)

Due to payment postponements in the past & recent payment refusal on 3/27/09 for a credit card submission which a $ 25.00 fee is noted in our contract, Web-Sites Unlimited will only honor our verbal agreement by updating price changes on your menu & wine list ONLY.
If there are any food or wine list "items" or photos to be added or deleted, there will be a charge for that & payment must be received before work is done.

With the $ 1,000.00 I discounted for your web-site & by adding 6 photos ($ 60.00) for you at no charge 3 weeks ago, you actually had the nerve to ask me to "Let This 1 Go", and I find it offensive that you refused to pay a $ 25.00 debt.

Because of this, Web-Sites Unlimited will now require payment in full at the time of ANY work order placed in the future. Work will be done when full payment is received.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause & by you offering to take $ 25.00 off my next dinner check is an insult & comparable to bartering & Web-Sites Unlimited does not barter.

Just out of curiousity, do you also refuse to pay or look to barter with your wine & liquor salesmen or food suppliers ???
I'd bet you don't & that is why from this point on, the relationship between Tre Scalini Restaurant & Web-Sites Unlimited is "Strictly Business".

Best Regards,

Dominick Lauriano